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From physical love to daily digital karma

From thuglife to huglife

Whosyabuddha drops hip hop flavored wisdom for those who give him physical love. When you enter our office you can rub his belly with a NFC-chip (RFID) and he will send you some digital karma through Twitter to kickstart your day.

Give it a try

So if you pay us a visit, take anything with a RFID-chip, for example an OV-chipkaart (Dutch public transport card), with you and we can scan it to connect it to your Twitter-account. If you’re not nearby mention him on Twitter and he well send you some digital karma.

Because we know everybody wants to be like Whosyabuddha we have put his 3D printed rings on Thingiverse so you can download and print them yourself.

@MaartenTak Friendship is an ocean that you cannot see bottom. Who needs friendship if you got your own speedboat.

@mroumen I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. That's how I roll.

@Roh Not all closed eye is sleeping, nor open eye is seeing. Especially with my flashy shades.

@chilster Be a good friend and a fair enemy. So leave the Uzi at home tonight.

Hug life

WhosYaBuddha, an idea by Kaliber. Word.